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“It's a pleasure to be able to send positive feedback to a supplier. Its not too often a recruitment supplier really understands the assignment and they often fumble their way through needing a lot of guidance & support from me....Lucy and Molly certainly do not fall into this category.

They were by far the best of the 5 agencies I interviewed and assessed, they quickly understood the radical changes I wanted to & needed to make and then they took control and have delivered ever since.

I know they work for Orion but they feel like GTK employees, confident on site and they get it all done!  

I said to all the agencies when I first joined I was looking for one recruitment partner, Lucy and Molly have certainly sealed that position for Orion and I have no ambitions currently to work with anyone else.

Thank you to you and your team for your professional services!"


Kai Smith - Operations Director, GTK


Molly Clarke

Account Director

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Basingstoke / Germany / Romania / Taiwan