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Welcome to Orion! With over 20 years of experience installing both traditional and smart meters throughout the UK. Our expertise and dedicated recruitment team allow us to tailor our services to each client's unique needs, whether it's a full-service delivery model or a specialized engineer working with your in-house metering team.

We've completed tens of thousands of successful smart meter installations for a variety of supplier clients, and we're always up for a challenge. Speaking of smart meters, you might be wondering what they are and how they differ from traditional meters.

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We are armed with a passionate and dedicated specialist team. We cover multiple disciplines to support and benefit you in finding your next hire or career move.

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Joining Orion has been one of the greatest experiences of my work life. They have truly made me feel like part of their family and have supported so much through my work journey.

I remember when I first called them up and they gave me so much support. The signing up process was so smooth and easy. The team at Orion are always there to support me and help me with any issues that may come.

One of the most important factors was the quick and easy payment every week that made me stay on top of my finances and helped me get my life in check. I am in such a great place in my life today thanks to Orion. They appreciate my efforts and hard work and are always gracious and appreciative. Also I’ve never had no issues with pay and anything that is owed to me has always been paid on time.

I will forever be grateful for the team at Orion for helping me to become the best I can be and for always rewarding me for all my hard work and efforts. I’m very happy and content at Orion and I look forward to the many years to come as I have found a team who I will stay with for the remainder of my career. Thank you so much Orion!

    Empowering the Future with Smart Metering Talent

    Unlike traditional meters that only keep track of the total energy used, smart gas and electricity meters constantly monitor your energy consumption and pricing data, providing automatic readings to your energy supplier. With smart meters, you'll have one meter each for gas and electricity, both of which will be upgraded. And to help you keep tabs on your energy usage, we'll also install an In-Home Display (IHD) in your home.

    The IHD is a simple-to-use handheld device that gives you insights into your energy consumption and costs, updating every 30 minutes for gas and almost instantly for electricity. To ensure seamless communication between the smart meters and IHD, we'll also install a communications hub that connects your system to the national smart meter network.

    Get ready to take control of your energy consumption and make smarter energy choices with Orion and our cutting-edge smart meter solutions.

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