My First Week As An Apprentice

Posted: May 24, 2018

My first week as a business administration apprentice has been both exciting and nerve-wracking! Having come from a retail background with my last job being a Visual Merchandiser, I had no idea what to expect from an office-based role within a recruitment agency.

Despite being quite a creative individual, when on my job search I knew I wanted to find a role which I felt was more challenging. I’d only ever been familiar with customers and till points and felt that I’d exhausted my limits on how much longer I could work in a store.  This led me to doing a general business administration job search to gauge an idea of what was going to be expected from me.

I was quite dis-heartened at first, having seen hundreds of job descriptions list that I needed at least 2 years of experience to be considered for an Administrator role, which led to me searching for an apprenticeship, as I knew the pressure would be off to know everything! Unfortunately, as with most apprenticeships, the wages weren’t up to what I was looking for, having had a full-time job for the last year I wasn’t really prepared to back track and make the sacrifice.

I found Orion’s job advert posted on Jobsite and what really attracted me was the fact it was an apprenticeship with a fair salary and a qualification at the end of the 2 years! It was local, and I did a bit of research on the company themselves, looking through social media pages to get a taste of what life in the office looked like - which I found helpful and would recommend to anyone considering applying for a job – and it looked like there was such a nice culture at Orion!

I applied online and quickly heard something back. After going through the interview process which lasted around 2 weeks, I was offered the job! My first day quickly came around and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t terrified, however my nerves were quickly put at ease. I received 2 days of class room training before being given practical training at my desk. I was slightly overwhelmed at first, everything was so far from what I was used to, but the Support Team at Orion were very patient with me and have been excellent at easing me into the day to day routine. They’ve made me feel useful without putting to much pressure on me and all the consultants have made me feel very welcome as well!

I’m still learning new things every day, but considering this is Orion’s first Apprenticeship program, I couldn’t fault the way they’ve done things so far. I always have someone to ask questions too if I get a bit confused and no one ever seems to busy to help me. They’ve completely respected the fact that I’ve started this job with pretty much no office-based experience and have tailored my training to this, showing me tasks one at a time and even giving me written step-by-steps to hang onto. I’ve even been able to get a bit creative making some social media posts!

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my first week at Orion and am sure that I’ll only get to enjoy it more as time goes on!

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