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Micro-Grid Engineer


Role Description 

As Micro-grid Engineer will work in a small team environment developing the feasibility study, control strategy and simulation for our existing and new battery energy storage products. The candidate must have a good understanding of power electronics and software languages.

Main Duties & Responsibilities

  • Design, develop and implement the Feasibility Study, Functional Specification Design, Control Strategy and System Logic for Power Energy Systems, including battery, transformer, generators, EV and renewable energy from requirements to production and commercial deployment.
  • Modelling and simulation for the Power Energy Systems with the real-time simulator (Typhoon-HIL)
  • Modelling of the power flow with ETAP simulator.
  • Data analysis for the Power Energy Systems.
  • BESS (battery energy storage system) hardware configuration, parameter adjustment, test and troubleshooting.

Skills, Experience & Education Required 

  • Over 3 years working experience in industry of BESS, Generator, PV or Micro-grid.
  • In depth technical understanding of Energy Systems and energy baseline methodology.
  • Excellent modelling skills and at least 3 years experiences of simulation.
  • Engineering experience of energy storage system/micro-grid/ electrical power system.
  • General knowledge of hardware and electrical common sense for inverters and battery.
  • Good knowledge of programming in C, C++ or other objective oriented language.
  • General knowledge of Modbus TCP/IP Communication and network skills
  • Actively gain both hardware and software skills and knowledge of our current Virtue product line from both installation team and product development team.
  • Strong analytical and statistical probing skills essential.
  • Ability to find solutions to complex problems.
  • Ability to work as a team with a positive approach to dealing with clients and suppliers.
  • Great persistence in seeking continual improvement.
  • Gains satisfaction from achieving results in spite of barriers.
  • Excellent Time Management and excellent Data Analysis skill

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