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Automotive Technology is breaking ground with innovation never seen before. We’ve long been sold the ideology of an autonomous, completely green and next generation infotainment car but that ideology is here, it’s now and it’s moving faster than expected. With many OEM’s looking to produce the first autonomous vehicle the demand for high calibre Engineers has never been more prevalent and with the world driving down emissions there has never been more pressure on the OEM’s to produce green cars that no longer take from the planet’s resources.

It’s never been a more exciting, yet challenging time for the Automotive industry and this is resulting in a demand for high calibre talent from across the globe.

A shortage in all engineering fields has always been within the Hardware, Software and Electronics sector and many companies are having to spread their net wider than the prehistoric 20-mile radius. Orion Electrotech are embedded with many UK and European Automotive Technology companies and work across the international regions to find and secure the best Hardware, Software and Electronics candidates for our clients.

The typical job titles we support include:

  • Design and Development Engineers
  • Power Electronics Engineers
  • Software Engineers
  • Embedded SW Engineer
  • Hardware Engineers
  • Resident SW Engineers
  • Software Architects
  • Electronics Design Engineer

To find out more about our Automotive Technology offering, contact the team on 01189239218 or by email on [email protected]

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