On the 6th April 2014 the Finance Bill became effective, the bill created a single test of self-employment. The test being is there any degree of control, direction of supervision from the end client to the worker (in person, by phone, electronically). If there is any control, direction of supervision then a worker cannot be paid self-employed for the assignment, unless you are a Director and Shareholder of your Ltd Company (PSC). As all of Orion’s workers are under some degree of control, direction of supervision it is therefore not possible for us to process any payments self-employed / CIS directly or through a 3rd party company. Your options for payment are as listed above - PAYE, Umbrella Company or Personal Service Company.

If you have any general questions please contact your consultant but please be advised we are not able to offer any financial advice and we recommend you take independent financial advice before making any decisions.