The Conduct of Employment Agencies and Employment Businesses Regulations 2003, were introduced to "govern the conduct of the private recruitment industry and establish a framework of minimum standards that clients, both work seekers and hirers, are entitled to expect".

Regulation 14 states that before an employment agency or business provides work finding services it must agree with the work seeker that they are happy for Orion to provide these services (Agreement with work Seeker), and on what basis those services are to be provided, permanent or temporary and the type of work sought on their behalf.

At the same time as offering an agency worker an assignment we will disclose information such as:

  • Identity of hirer
  • Commencement Date of assignment
  • Type of work, location, and hours of work
  • The hourly rate
  • Any health and safety risks
  • Clients requirements relating to experience, training and qualifications

Work seekers have the choice to opt out of the Conduct Regulations, this provision offers certain work seekers, who do not want to be governed by the Regulations, the freedom to opt out.

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