PAYE (Pay As You Earn)

Orion operates a PAYE payroll and your pay can be processed on a weekly basis. Tax and National Insurance are deducted at source from your pay and you accrue holiday pay which can be used when you have time off. Under this payment option you will have day 1 and 12 week rights under the Agency Workers Regulation.

Umbrella Company

If you choose to work through an Umbrella Company, you become an employee of that company. It then contracts out your services to us. You will need to submit timesheets who will in turn invoice us for the work that you have carried out. The umbrella company will then pay you directly after retaining monies including; the Umbrella Company margin and tax and National Insurance contributions on a Pay As You Earn (PAYE) basis. You remain an employee of the umbrella company regardless of whether you move to a new assignment, start a project with a new end client or agency or are temporarily between assignments.  You will have day 1 and 12 week rights under the Agency Workers Regulations.

April 2016 | Changes to Travel and Subsistence Expenses

The HMRC announced changes to the way Umbrella Employees claim expenses. These changes restrict Umbrella Employees from claiming tax relief on travel expenses if you are subject to the supervision, direction or control (SDC) of the agency or end client. If this is the case when performing your services, then you will no longer be able to claim travel expenses.

Personal Service Company (PSC)

Under certain circumstances and where the correct independent financial advice has been taken it may be appropriate for you to operate through your own single person limited company. Under this option you will be operating a business under your own account and be a Director and shareholder of the company hold a business bank account and appropriate insurances for the protection of the business interests. There are no rights under Agency Workers Regulation for individuals running their own companies and you are responsible for payment of Tax and National Insurance Contributions.

NOTE: It is not possible to pay you through a Personal Service Company if you are not a Director and Shareholder of the company.

Orion have Preferred Suppliers list of Umbrella/PSC we have worked with these businesses over a number of years and have found them to offer excellent service levels and value for money. We do regular check and audits on the service they offer, we also have contracts and processes in place with them to enable you to be set up quickly and efficiently.