We are pleased to announce that we have placed 57th on the Recruiter Hot 100 2018.


What is the Recruitment Hot 100?

Appearing on this list is the ultimate recruitment industry accolade as it measures both the employee productivity and the financial performance of over 15,000 recruitment businesses.

The HOT 100 celebrates the old and the new, blended or more traditional, proving that rewards still come when the right people are employed in their best role and supported to do a sterling job.

This one single key performance indicator (KPI) – gross profit per head/employee (GPH) – encompasses so much about how a company operates.

Business models have changed significantly over the years and are still evolving. Branch networks are far less extensive, and sourcing candidates has substantially become a digital exercise.

However, while artificial intelligence (AI) will continue to advance, true interpersonal skills still require human input and achieving HOT 100 status, especially serially over the years, highlights those companies best structured and managed to extract optimum performance from their most important asset – their people.

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