This week we have two work anniversaries to celebrate at Orion.


Paul Ridley and Taz Akhtar are some of our deep-rooted members of staff at the Reading office.

Paul our sales and Operations Director is celebrating his 21st year at Orion and Taz our Recruitment Team leader is celebrating her 12th year.

Paul joined us in 1997 after having previously worked within the Engineering sector.

The Recruitment Industry and Recruitment process has changed a lot throughout the years. And because of Pauls longevity within the business, he has experienced a lot of them first hand.

He has a wealth of knowledge about Engineering and Recruitment and this has meant that he has been able to offer new and existing team members, words of wisdom to help them along their career path.

Taz joined us in 2006 as a Recruitment Consultant, for our Aerospace division. Since Taz’s arrival into the business she has set many records and won numerous awards within the company.

She has a relentless passion that leads her to many successes and is a good role model for the others in the office.

Since her promotion from Recruitment Consultant to Team leader in 2014. Taz also focuses on helping and mentoring the other members of her team by sharing her approach to Recruitment world class basics.  

Taz was actually approached by a local Radio Station (Marlow FM) to talk about her length of service at Orion, due to it being so unique to stay with a company for so long.

They have both agreed, that the culture at Orion is behind the reason for their longevity and they believe that you wouldn’t be able to find it at any other Recruitment company.

We would like to thank them both for their hard work and commitment to Orion and we look forward to celebrating many more anniversaries with them.