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With My Max - our PAYE umbrella service helps you get paid on time, every time, stay HMRC compliant and provide all the benefits of continuous employment including all the lovely perks that go with it, both big and small.

Umbrella - Cost of £18.00 - £27.00 per timesheet to the contractor (This is dependant on what basic rate you’re on)

Set up Ltd company - £150.00 per month – full service (provides online portal)


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TJW Specialise in providing umbrella/CIS/Limited payroll solutions and have developed our company to work alongside the contractor and agency.

Umbrella Rates:

Cost of £10.00 straight fee per timesheet (Below £9.51 per hour)

Cost of £23.00 straight fee per timesheet (Above £9.52 per hour)


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Brookson provide specialist accountancy services and an umbrella employment solution to help the flexible workforce maximise their take-home pay whilst remaining compliant.

Umbrella: SDC Fail – £25.00 per week / SDC Pass - £30.00 per week

Set up of Ltd Company: Monthly fee is £145 + Vat (£100 one off set up fee)