Congratulations to Lynne Moss who has been announced as our Employee of the Month for February.

Lynne is our Internal Recruitment and Training Manager, based at the Reading office.

Why she was chosen –

We have had a big push on internal recruitment since the beginning of the year and Lynne has been consistently motivated through the ups and downs of the process. She has also been heavily involved in the training and development of our new and current consultants.

Lynne is a very positive and upbeat member of our office and is a true representation of Orion’s core values.

As our Employee of the Month Lynne has received a Threshold Free month, Prime car parking spot and her photo up on our wall of fame!

We also had other nominations for the award;

- Michael Deller

- Courtney Britten

- Abby Maslin

- Alison Kemp

Well done to everyone and congratulations again to Lynne Moss.