Congratulations to the winner of both our Employee of the month for December and Employee of the Quarter…. James Ewart.

This is our first time having the same recipient achieve both awards, and James couldn’t be more deserving of them both.

He is a fun and enthusiastic person within the office and is a great addition to our Design Division. Within his team, James is responsible for placing Design, Development, and Project Engineering professionals across the South East of the UK within a number of different sectors.

He has been with Orion for almost two years now and has won multiple awards within that time. He is a true role model for recruitment. Relentlessly pushing and driving forward to achieve great results. He continues to put in a lot of his time and care when it comes to supporting his candidates and clients needs throughout the recruitment process.

We also had lots of mentions and nominations for employee of the month and employee of the quarter.

Employee of the month - Aaron Blake, Courtney Britten and Tom Johnson

Employee of the quarter – Katie Carter, Courtney Britten, Alison Kemp and Dan Wilson.

Congratulations to all nominations and our chosen winner James. We hope he enjoys all the perks that come with winning these awards;

  • Threshold free month
  • Prime parking spot
  • Wall of Fame photo within the office
  • £250 towards work attire