Congratulations to Katie Carter, who has been chosen as our Employee of the month for December.

Katie is part of our Professional Engineering division at our Reading office. She has been with Orion since 2018 and is a really positive person to have in the office. Katie was chosen for the resilience and continuous determination she showed throughout the month. Riding the wave of the Recruitment highs and lows, she continued to push through and keep the momentum up.

We would also like to congratulate the others who were also nominated for the award:

Emma Gilder - Learning and Development Manager

Daniel Hooper - Recruitment Consultant, Manufacturing Division

Courtney Britten - Key Accounts Contract Team Leader, Manufacturing Division

Matther Hunter - Senior Recruitment Consultant, Automation Division

Charlie Rush - Recruitment Consultant, Design & Development Division

Kris Holmes - Recruitment Consultant, Life Sciences Division 


Congratulations again  to our nominees and to Katie. Keep up the hard work.