We hear of cyber-attacks taking place against organisations more and more frequently. What we have learnt is that it doesn’t seem to matter what size organisation you have; you can still be under threat. One of the most recent high-profile cyber-attacks was against British Airways in 2018.

We made the decision to undergo an assessment on our Cyber Security with GQ Management Services to test how robust our IT systems are. They have a range of different standards that you can be assessed on but the package that we chose was Cyber Essentials, which is a simple and effective UK Government backed scheme to helps businesses protect their organisation against a range of the most common cyber-attacks.

We are pleased to announce that Orion have met the requirements of the Cyber Essentials Standard and have received our Cyber Essentials accreditation.

We would like to thank CIT for their help in getting our computer systems conformative to the Cyber Essentials Standard and for their ongoing IT support.

If you are thinking of undergoing an assessment on your business' cyber security, or would like to find out more we would highly recommend GQ Management Services to help.