Today is the last day of our ‘clean’ eating week.

If you read our ‘new year, new me’ post at the beginning of the week, then you will know that we decided to start the new financial year off with a fresh ‘clean’ attitude, to help us face our new targets and goals for the year ahead.

It’s been a tough few days for some and unfortunately a few of us just couldn’t resist temptation as well as other

It didn’t help that on day 2 of the challenge, we had a birthday in the office and we all know that, Birthdays = cake!

As predicted, cakes and treats arrived in the kitchen after lunch and after that the ‘cheat’ donations started coming in thick and fast.

Well done to those that have managed to last the whole week, without anything ‘bad’ touching their lips. I think having your name put up on the board, was enough to put them off picking at any sugary snacks.

But it’s not all that bad that we had some cheaters in the office. The money that we have raised from the ‘cheat’ donations is going to a worthy cause - HomeStart.

If you would like to find out more about HomeStart please select the following link.

We hope that all the consultants involved enjoyed the challenge and feel better for taking part.