5 Ways to use LinkedIn more effectively!

Posted: Mar 19, 2013

1. Change the settings for the frequency of information from groups by email

If you are being bombarded by emails from LinkedIn about discussions in your groups… all you have to do is decrease it! These are the few steps you need to take to amend your settings, select Groups, Companies & Applications and then Set the frequency of group digest! EASY!

The Carrot or The Stick

Posted: Mar 05, 2013

It has been repeatedly proven in our business and I’m sure in many others that ‘The Carrot’ approach works. Using rewards and incentives has shown time and time again that it helps to enhance the performance of individuals and team results particularly in success orientated industries like recruitment over long and sustained periods of time.

Christmas in Amsterdam!

Posted: Dec 18, 2012

After a successful year at the Reading office we are jetting off to the cultural capital of the Netherlands… Amsterdam!

Our journey will start at the airport where we will all be boarding the plane at around lunch time, fingers crossed there won’t be any late arrives that will miss the flight! Whilst we take the short journey through the skies to get to our destination we would have hadmany laughs and jokes to get the holiday in full swing.

Can Christmas be Corrupt or is it Simply Seasonal Goodwill?

Posted: Dec 04, 2012

This year like all previous years at Orion we have just compiled our Xmas donations list for our client’s staff raffles and gifts for our hard working contract workers. With the bribery and corruption act at the very forefront of our minds we have been wondering whether it is a tradition we should carry on.

Good Offer, Bad Offer, Counteroffer!

Posted: Nov 26, 2012

There is every possibility that your current employer could try and persuade you to stay in their employment by offering you more money or promising to change your job and job title.

The Real Cost of the ‘Wrong Hire’

Posted: Nov 14, 2012

Many businesses and hiring managers say that hiring the wrong person costs a company three times their salary!

Any reputable company will recognise that their greatest asset is their staff and that by hiring the right people businesses generally grow and expand, but what does it really cost a company when they hire the wrong person?

When is a good time for you to change job?

Posted: Nov 06, 2012

It’s always good to look for jobs in a booming economy when there are more jobs available, but I do say that with a pinch of salt because I actually think that a recession can be the best time to think about your career.

During a recession you see companies thinking about reshuffling and reorganising, which often creates work and opens up new positions. During a bull economy it’s very easy to keep doing the same thing – you don’t necessarily stop and think about what you want to do and where you would like to go.