Returning to 'Normal'

Posted: May 07, 2020

Since April, for many of us our offices have been our homes and our daily commutes are non-existent. With changes in the horizon to the lockdown and the social distancing guidelines, it is time to start thinking about a ‘new normal’ within the workplace.

Along with every business our biggest and most important resource is our staff, and as we move towards our return to the office,  we wanted to offer our advice on some of the key areas within your business you should consider factoring in change when structing out your return:

Health and Wellbeing: Throughout the #stayhome restrictions, we have been doing what we can to nurture our staff’s health and wellbeing with weekly workouts, quizzes and check ins. Continuing to support them upon their return is something that should be top of the agenda.

Returning to work procedures: Everyone rushing back into the office is not something we may see for a few more months yet, so putting procedures in place for the safety and hygiene of staff and contractors is a matter of importance. Make sure you adapted your policies and procedures to suit the newly announced guidelines.

Business needs: No doubt that your business needs have changed over the past several months and will continue to do so in the coming months. Reviewing such items like your IT and digital systems to allow staff more flexible working and making changes to your office facilities to allow safe social distancing are items that need to be brought to attention. Take time to review these and make the necessary changes.

Engaging: Engaging and connecting with others has never been more meaningful. With the help of social media and our enhancements in digital technology, we have been able to stay connected to our colleagues, our clients, candidates and family and loved ones throughout this time. By remaining in contact with some of the newly built relationship and offering your support and recruitment expertise to your current clients and candidates will allow you to understand the rapidly changing market and make adaptations within your business if needed.  

Training: Training has always been something we pride ourselves on. Like us if you have an internal training team, now is the time to utilise them and set out a plan for them to communicate the new changes to your procedures and policies with the existing staff and with any new staff that may be joining the business.  

Do not hesitate to get in touch with one of our experienced consultants to help with your recruitment needs.

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