The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

Posted: Feb 20, 2017

Now if there’s something employers constantly want to remind me about it’s that recruiters are nothing but a pain in the proverbial, scum of the earth, and some even go as far as comparing us with estate agents! Now we recognise that our industry is tarnished with cowboy agencies and recruiters, trying to win a quick fee, but we also feel that we take a lot of blame for what some clients do during the recruitment process. Here, in Clint Eastwood styled, is a picture of the type of clients we face…… The Good, The Bad and The Ugly…….

I guess the question is, which are you?

The Ugly

The list of horrifying stories on how some employers treat agencies is endless, but our first example is how some clients think it’s clever to cut us out of the process and directly contact candidates over LinkedIn, after we have spent hours searching for them. Other ugly clients have had us travelling across the country to meet them, only to cancel the meeting whilst we’re sat in reception because another meeting has come up. We even have clients cancel or change jobs, having interviewed someone 3 times and been at a company for over 6 hours!

The Bad

The most common frustration candidates have with us is the poor communication in keeping them updated about their application. Truth is, there is a lot of bad clients out who don’t keep us updated. Then there are those who take 2 or 3 weeks to give feedback on CVs, after telling us “it’s an urgent requirement that needs CV’s asap”.

It’s almost comical how some of the bad clients will send us a job spec with as many words as “We’re going on a Bear Hunt”. We don’t need a novel, but something that will give enough detail to pass on to potential candidates would help. As recruiters, we know about your business and have a good idea about the general aspects of a role, but particularly with permanent roles, candidates want to see what the expectations are in writing.

The Good

It won’t surprise you that the best business we do is our good clients. Being a good client doesn’t necessarily mean we have exclusivity, or we make more placements with them. It means they trust us to do our job and spend time on the little things, like……

  • Meeting with us to discuss their business and requirements. This helps us find the right people, with the right skills and the right personality.
  • Providing us with feedback on the CVs, giving reasons for the yes or no and not just a yes or no. This help us understand their expectations, so we can improve our search.
  • Being contactable and honest at every moment in the process. This helps us manage the candidate’s expectations, particularly on the recruitment timeframe.

Please don’t take this a moan about the struggles of being a recruitment agent. I want to make it clear that we enjoy the work we do and are grateful for our client’s business, but as we are always looking to better ourselves, we hope this will make some employers think, and maybe make some small changes to the way they run their recruitment process.

So, if you’re a client that has not dealt with us before hopefully you enjoyed this blog and won’t be leaving us Unforgiven. We’re not out For A Few Dollars More but looking to start a great partnership. We have a great track record and could help you find a Million Dollar Baby.

So please find bellow the link to register a vacancy and we will be in touch faster than a Gran Torino.


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