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Manufacturing Talent 4.0 | Orion Edition

Engineering and Manufacturing

What is Manufacturing Talent 4.0? 

Manufacturing Talent 4.0 is a concept we came up with due to the lack of skilled candidates in the blue-collar labour market. The idea around it is encouraging candidates from outside of the Manufacturing sector to explore trainee opportunities where they can learn and develop new skills.

What benefits come from the solution? 

The companies we have rolled it out with have been able to successfully hire multiple trainees within their teams. Whilst there is a training period which comes with its challenges, they are really starting to see these individuals' value as they develop their skill sets. 

What was the thought process behind creating the solution? 

I wanted to do something different…. I’ve spent a lot of time talking to companies about how we attract skilled individuals but there are so many factors impacting the shortages in the market we just weren’t reaching any solutions. 

Where do you see Manufacturing Talent heading? What is the future? 

I’d like to see the concept grow and roll out across more companies. With skilled individuals leaving the market daily businesses to need to start thinking about future-proofing and bringing in the next generation of what will one day be the skilled individuals of the manufacturing sector. 

How has the response been from your clients? And has there been any new interest? 

The response has been really positive so far, we’ve rolled this out with 2 new clients so far this year and I have a number of meetings booked in to discuss the concept and how we can tailor the solution to suit their individual requirements. 

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