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International Women's Day

Engineering and Manufacturing

What women inspire you? And Why?

"The women who inspire me the most are definitely my mum and my two older sisters. From watching my mum being a single mum raising three girls and doing it all on her own (she is my hero) but also my older sisters showing me love, graft, and how to be brave – they are the ones who inspire me the most."

"My mum! Nothing is ever too much, she is an all-round Hero who I always look up to 😊 and Beyonce because she’s a Queen!"

"My amazing daughter who never ceases to amaze me. She is the real deal, insightful and kind, brave and courageous."

How would you describe the women in your team? 

"The women in my team are FIERCE AND POWERFUL, I feel truly lucky to work with a bunch of women who are so inspiring and successful."

"POWERFUL! Extremely hard working and completely dedicated, what an absolute team of strong women we have."

"“Driven, , Hard-working and Collaborative”

How do you see women in recruitment in the future?

"I can definitely see more and more women exploring a career in recruitment and more female leaders which will be great to see – let’s go girlllllssssss!!"

"TAKING OVER! We run the world"

"Continuing to have a massive impact in all areas of recruitment from entry-level to Director. Pushing ahead to become all that we can be."

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