Lee Dymott
Principal Consultant

Hobbies: Music – I spent 14 years DJ’ing and 6 years producing and remixing music.

Favourite Restaurant: The Jasmine in Beaconsfield. I’ve been enjoying great Chinese food there since the 1980’s!

Favourite Holiday Location: St. Tropez – My father-in-law has a place there and we’ve been for the 10 years. Guaranteed sun, great food and perfect for my sons. We’ve made lots of friends down there who we meet up with each year and will probably end up getting our own place once the lottery win comes in!

Favourite Sport: Has to be football – Chelsea STH from 1997 to 2005 so pleased to have seen us win the title during Jose’s first season.

Favourite Food: Difficult to pick a favourite. I love Italian and Chinese, but you probably can beat a Gaucho fillet!

Favourite Film: True Romance, but I love anything involving Quentin Tarantino

What you do in your spare time: I am very much a family man who spends most of his time outside work with my wife and our two sons, Jo, Louie (12) and Tommy (10). Much of this time is spent either as an IT specialist for Louie, sorting out his various gadgets and problems with game downloads, or as a taxi driver for Tommy who is currently training with Tottenham (not great for a family of Chelsea fans!). If I get any time alone, I’ll spend it listening to music or visiting my local.

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