Congratulations to Lee Dymott on his two-year work anniversary.

Lee is a Senior Recruitment Consultant at the Reading office, supplying Contract and Permanent Engineering personnel across the UK.

We asked Lee what some of his highlights have been over the past 2 years. Reading through it, he has had a very impressive career so far, and has enjoyed every minute of it.

‘Highlights? Where would you like me to start……? maybe having my 1st contractor out in week one… or being awarded Contract Consultant of the year for 2016… then there’s the small matter of attending 4 out of 5 Lunch Club incentives… and I mustn’t forget winning a holiday to Dubai... along with becoming the company’s top billing consultant within 2 years (excluding 2 Team Leaders who have been here for 10+) …… All that considered, I think the real highlight is simply Orion. It’s true that time flies when you’re having fun, and I certainly feel like I’m having more fun than most! It seems like only yesterday I was being introduced to the “Orion family” and yet here we are two years later. Having been in recruitment for 18 years I’m very pleased to find myself here and look forward to continuing the success for a few more years to come... I’m know I could be a successful recruiter almost anywhere, but there are few places where I could be a happy successful recruiter… thanks Orion!’

To recognise and celebrate Lee’s Longevity of employment at Orion, he has been rewarded with a £50 voucher of his choice.

We would like to thank him for all his hard work and we look forward to celebrating more work anniversaries with him.